This is happening!

This is happening!

Friday, March 17, 2017

The day is almost here! This is actually happening! Tomorrow the troops and I hit the road and start our adventures. The 4-Runner is packed. The “need to have it” lists are checked off. We are really, really doing this! I am beyond excited…..and just a little bit scared.

The back of the 4-runner is filled with “stuff.” And tomorrow morning even more will be piled on top of what is already there.

Buddy’s travel space is ready…..  I will add his “Ducky” and a bone to chew on in case he gets bored.  Ginger’s bed will be added in the morning. She rides in the passenger’s seat beside her momma.

Buddy’s Travel Bed

Saturday, March 18th

Are we there yet?
I’m such a good little traveler!

We stop at Muskogee Oklahoma the first night. We chose Muskogee because it has a dog park to enjoy and stretch our legs. We find other “dog people” there and enjoy conversation as we share all the wonderful things about our dogs. This was the first time I had ever taken Ginger to a dog park. I was always concerned that it would frighten her. It didn’t! She loved meeting all the other dogs and stayed fairly close to mom, following me wherever I went. Hmmmm, is this the same little girl that I have to follow all over the house in order to pick her up to put her in bed at night?

Muskogee, OK dog park
Coody Creek Bark Park
Ginger and Buddy at Coody Creek Bark Park

Sunday, March 19th

We travel on to Corsicana, Texas. We are staying a mere 15 minutes away from the Casita factory. We drove past it on the way! Our room is on the second floor. Buddy gets to experience an elevator for the first time. He is not very happy about the box that moves. He hits the floor, after hiding behind me, when the elevator engages. Ginger, who has traveled with me several times, think she he’s being silly.

I discover something very exciting that evening. There was a very large, open field behind the hotel. As I took the dogs out to potty I thought about how close to me they stayed at the dog park. I dropped their leads, and discover that they both remain close to me. Buddy ventured slightly farther, but quickly returns when I called. This is good information as I have been concerned about how they would do. I would like for them to be off leash when safe and possible.

This bed is comfy!
I’m sooo tired!

I think we are ready! This is, indeed, really happening!

4 thoughts on “This is happening!

    1. Thanks Jan! You know at one point, after running along the lakeside, Buddy looked up at me and said “mom, when you adopted me I had no idea I would get to be a camp dog!” And, yes, he really did say it…….

  1. Great blog. I am so excited for you. Glad you said your SUV is a 4 Runner. My friend has one and I liked hers. I thought it would be a great travel camping vehicle. Gets my thinking juices going . I presently drive a Chrysler van. which I love, and hope it might pull something small and light too, but a new vehicle eill be ok too if I find onee that calls my name!!

    1. Hi Paula, thanks for following along with us! I love my 4 Runner so far and it seems like it is a great vehicle to pull my Casita. I would think a van would work well, depending on the size of the TT you decide on.

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