How Shall I Decorate the Casita

How Shall I Decorate the Casita

I have always loved to decorate my home. I enjoy the process of creating an atmosphere that I enjoy spending time in. It has always seemed to me that you learn about someone in how they choose to decorate and what they surround themselves with in their home. The Casita will be no different for me. I want to create an environment that I love to be in and that expresses who I am and things that I love. There was a time in my life when I gravitated toward soft, fall colors. I liked things muted and earth toned. I’m not sure why or exactly when it happened, but I have recently been more drawn to bright colors that pop and make me feel alive and joyful.

I tend to prefer things made by my own hands, or crafted by someone else. They just mean something more to me. I find that when I’m making something for someone else I think about them as I am making the item. Part of my love for them is woven within the materials I use to create whatever it is I am making. It is the same when I make something for myself. I spend quiet time reflecting about whatever it is that has triggered my desire to make the item. I send the hopes and dreams of those desires into the craft. This may seem silly to some of you, but for me it is very real.

Over the last few years I have become a quilter. This is something I could have never predicted would happen. I have always made various crafts and sewing has been apart of what I’ve done most of my life. But quilting was not something I ever saw myself doing. My mom was a quilter. I remember the joy she found in quilting. She would talk about the patterns and why she chose the fabric that she did. She would tell me the history of the pattern she chose. She was a hand quilter and I remember all the hours I spent watching her work on those tiny stitches and the pride she had when she would show me the work she had done. Now that I quilt I always think about my mom during the process. I kind of feel like she’s right there beside me. I like that.

Now, there’s not a lot of room to decorate in the Casita! It’s a pretty small space. And the bed takes up a large portion of it. So, of course, making a quilt for it will be central to decorating it. I started thinking about just what pattern and colors I wanted to make for this quilt. I should add in another little tidbit here. A little more than a year ago I made the decision to start downsizing and simplifying my life. I have a lot of fabric….. a lot!  I made the decision that I couldn’t buy anymore fabric. Anything I make in the future must use existing fabric. Until I run out that is.

So, I started looking through my fabrics and decided that these would fit the bill. They are bright and happy and are exactly what I want to surround myself with.


decoring with cotton quilting fabric
Bright fabrics from my stash

Once I had the fabrics selects I needed to decide on the pattern I would choose. I wanted something with large blocks for two reasons. The first was that I wanted to really showcase the individual fabrics. The second was that I wanted it to go together fast. I wanted this quilt to be on my Casita bed as soon as possible. I found a pattern on Etsy that was perfect! It’s called Big and Tall and can be found here.  I finished the quilt top today and will send it off to be machine quilted. Someday, I hope to do my own machine quilting, but that’s for down the road. Here’s the completed quilt top:

Casita Quilt Top

So I have my base and the beginning of decorating the Casita. Just wait until you see what comes next!



8 thoughts on “How Shall I Decorate the Casita

  1. I love it Toni!! Kaffe Fassett is my favorite fabric designer ever!! I’ve made 88 quilts in the past 15 years & given them all away to family, friends & those who have been ill & totally get what you say about thinking of that person The Who time putting the quilt together! I’m just finishing one right now for myself – I’ve never yet made one for myself.

    1. Oh Rogene, I have noticed the quilts to post on Facebook. Your quilts are always so beautiful! And I must say, Kaffe Fassett is a favorite fabric designer of mine.

  2. OH I love it!. The colors are so lively and all the patterns. I can’t wait to see what you will do next and then when you start decorating in the Casita.
    I to love to decorate and I have done so in my little camper. I am hoping to be able to buy a small trailer soon but in the mean time I have my little truck camper to run away in.

    1. Thanks Jo, I think I may tackle the windows next. I’ve been gathering ideas from Pinterest….

  3. I love your color choices! So envious of people who quilt! I don’t have the patience and now I don’t have the dexterity in my hands for it. Sigh. Looking forward to pictures of your decorated little house!

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