Random Thoughts While Traveling

Random Thoughts While Traveling

Prior to starting my trip to pick up the Casita I purchased a Garmin GPS devise. When I programmed in the first leg of the trip I chose a route that was off the beaten path. Less main highway, more country to see. I enjoy driving. I actually enjoy driving alone. I find that I tend to think about things when I am on the road that I don’t usually think about. This trip was no different.

As I traveled past the farm towns and small communities I found myself thinking about the people that lived there. Who they were, what they did for a living, what their lives were like. I wondered what their dreams were. What they longed for. If they were happy or not. If they had someone to love. I wondered if they felt like they were missing something by not living a a larger city.

I consider myself a small town/country girl. Even thought I spend my primary years living in California I lived in a very rural area. I then moved to a small town in southeast Kansas the summer before my freshman year in high school. ┬áSince graduating from high school I have lived in large cities and I’ve lived in small towns. I always prefer the smaller communities. I am drawn to the simpler way of doing things. I am drawn to the old customs that are passed down from generation to generation. I find those things more frequently in small towns. I also find people that care about one another, and those that you can count on when something goes wrong.

So as I drove through those communities I wondered if the people that lived there knew how very lucky they were. I wondered if they knew their lives were envied. I wondered if they knew they were blessed.

Britt-Marie was Here

About three years ago I discovered listening to books on audible whenever I travel. I have found that this is one of the only times I can focus enough to actually listen to the book being read. On this trip I chose a book by Fredrick Backman. This is the second book of his I have listened to. The first was A Man Called Ove. This one was Britt-Marie was Here. I have enjoyed both of these books very much.

I bring this up in this post because listening to the book also got me to thinking. Both Britt-Marie and Ove were delightful protagonists. They were delightful in that they were simple, quirky humans that were full of flaws and negative aspects. Yet, despite those flaws, they were wonderful, delightful individuals who in their own way were heros to those in their lives. And they didn’t realize how much they touched the lives of those around them.

I think this is so true for most of us. Even though we are flawed and sometimes quirky, we are also heros in the lives we touch. Sometimes it is in the simple caring or acknowledgement in a time of need. ┬áSometimes it is in the examples of living a well-served life. I have had many, many heros in my life. And I’ll bet most didn’t know what they meant to me…….


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