Making Preparations to Travel

Making Preparations to Travel

Preparations for the trip to pick up the Casita in Rice Texas are my focus right now. I am just 21 days away from picking up my Casita! I’ve actually been driving myself somewhat crazy with all the preparations! I have been going over the suggested lists from the Casita Guide to make sure I have everything I need. In addition, I have been planning the trip, packing and getting the dogs ready.

Getting Guidance

The guide I refer to is the Casita Travel Trailer A-Z Owner’s Guide – CD-ROM.  This guide is highly recommended on all the Casita forums and I have found it to be very useful.  The author explains everything about ordering a Casita and outlines all the options. It has information in it regarding maintenance.  She has included lists of practical camping equipment as well as recommendations of tools that you should have with you. She also has checklists to make sure that all the components are in place before you start towing. My plan, since I am so new to this, is to laminate the checklists and use them every time I prepare to leave.

Preparing the Dogs for the Trip to Rice

I’m also making preparations for the dogs. The troop and I will be taking two days to get to Rice. We could probably do it in one day, but I decided that it would be better if I didn’t start out being tired and grumpy. Ginger is a great traveler but Buddy is a bit nervous in the car.  I thought shorter trips each day would be better for him since it’s not his favorite thing to do. I have located a dog park in the town we will be stopping in the first day. That way the dogs will be able to get some exercise before we settle into the hotel for the night.

Ginger always rides in the passenger front seat. I make a dog bed out of soft blankets for her and she is able to relax and enjoy the trip. Even though the 4-Runner seems large I have been wondering how I am going to get all the needed supplies in the back and still have plenty of space for Buddy.

Buddy and the Back Seat

Buddy has never been all that fond of being in the car. It took me quite some time to get him to know the “load up” command to jump into the back of the SUV.  At first he would lay on the ground and I would have to physically pick him up – all 70+ pounds of him – into the car. Over the last year he has learned to load up and does very well. In thinking about the trip I decided that instead of having the entire back down I would have him travel in the back seat. Two weeks ago I decided to test how this would go. He would not get into the back seat no matter how much I tried to talk him into it.

This past weekend I tried again. Progress was made! However, he seems to feel pretty strongly that he shouldn’t actually be ON the seat. Hmmm….. what is that about?  He is allowed on my bed in the house, but not allowed on the couch or other furniture. I can only surmise that he is trying to be a “good dog” and remain off the furniture. So, I have decided to make him a soft bed on the floor behind the front seats and he will travel there.  Maybe in time he will understand that it’s ok for him to actually get up on the seat.



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  1. Hope Buddy will do OK in the future for traveling. Maybe after a few trips he will get the hang of it.
    I’m excited for you to be picking up your new Casita. Enjoy many adventures.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I am hoping he gets used to it. I think he will. He tends to initially be anxious about things but then warms up to them fast!

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