Our First Campsite

Our First Campsite

After finishing up all the modifications at Little House Customs we head out to our first campsite. Originally I had planned to return to the city park we stayed at the night before but they finished all the modifications by 1:00 so we had time to venture further down the road. I had wanted to go to Ouachita National Forest for the rest of the week. But, the weather predictions of rain and thunder storms had me rethinking that plan.

So I searched on my Allstays app for some other options. I found lots of options. Almost too many for this beginner. I ended up deciding on Pat Mayse Lake. It had three Corp of Engineers sections to choose from. After driving through all three, we chose the East location as there were the least amount of people the. I was eager for solitude. We ended up being the only ones there, other than the camp host, for most of our stay.

Our first campsite

I selected our site. It looked easy enough to back into…. Now, I have to admit to you – the backing into this site did not go as well as my first time. I was getting there, very slowly, when a nice young man drove by. He stopped his truck and asked in the nicest Texas drawl, “Mam, would you like me to help you back that trailer on in there?”

You bet I did! Thank goodness for nice young men! I’m sure that down the road I will be able to do this with no problem, but for now I will take all the help that’s offered. Within the next hour I had the wheels chocked and the trailer leveled and we were set up to enjoy the wonderful views.


Pat Mayse East

Our stay has been delightful. We are very close to the lake and have been taking a least two walks a day ¬†along the lake shore. This lake has a sandy beach shore which is wonderful to walk along. Everyday we wander a little further around. I can feel the tug on my knees and am aware of how little walking I am used to doing. But it feels good to be moving. I listen to the birds and the gentle lapping of the waves from the lake as we walk. On our longest walks Ginger lets me know that she is also “an older lady.” She shows signs of being tired while Buddy, the youngest by far of this troop, runs circles around us.

Buddy is beginning the discover the lab part of his heritage. He runs in and out of the water. He is sometimes surprised when he runs so far that he can’t touch bottom but then swims back to shore and runs in again! He is always moving. He goes some distance before us and then runs back to touch base with me only to turn back and run some more. His joy is evident and is so fun to watch.

Buddy – discovering the joy of playing in water!
Buddy and Ginger on lakeside walk

Ginger has been doing so well. She continues to come out of her shell and I realize that for all of us it is good to be out of our comfort zone. Growth and positive movement comes from being challenged. Here she is during her first walk. She was delightfully playful.


This trip has been everything I imagined it being. We’ve had several firsts and we’ve made it through them without a problem. There were things I had forgotten about camping. Like how much I enjoy a campfire. I build the first one in more than 35 years. I have no idea why I waited so long to do this again. I had also forgotten the sound of the night as it is coming on – without the chatter of TV and traffic. It’s so very peaceful.

This last full day here has been very low key, with no rushing and no expectations. We awoke early and  walked along the beach. It is overcast and I know that it will rain throughout the day. Later, in the trailer, we listen to the rain patter on the roof and enjoy just being here. This is a good life.

Toni at Pat Mayse Lake

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  1. Awwww Toni, looks and sounds like a wonderful time for you and the furbabies! It’s incredible when we dream something, make plans to achieve it and then actually begin to live it out!!!!!!! You’re an inspiration !!!!

  2. Enjoying your sharing of your new adventure. But, curious…am I the only one that sees your photos sideways? Or is that your very clever way of grabbing our attention? Keep on traveling and blogging and enjoying your pups.

    1. Oh my goodness, I had no idea the pictures were sideways! Thanks for letting me know. I think I have them fixed. So glad to have you along on our travels.

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