Inspiring Folks

Inspiring Folks

When I first started thinking about and investigating RV travel I had no idea that there were people that lived in their RV’s full-time. I stumbled along several of these nomads that have blogs, forums and/or YouTube videos. I have been fascinated by this lifestyle and have come to envy the freedom they have. I don’t know if this is where I am ultimately headed or not, but it is a dream of mine to at least travel six months out of the year.

The nomads I have been drawn to seem to have several things in common. They are older like I am. They seem to be introverts and enjoy spending time away from a more typical lifestyle. And they are willing to do what feels right to them, even if others don’t agree. They have all chosen to live in smaller “rigs” and live simply. Two of the four I will share with you today live in a Casita travel trailer. Most of them enjoy sharing their lives with their dogs and travel with them. Reading their blogs or watching their videos has led me to believe that I too could be a nomad.

The first person I want to share with you is RVSue. A link to her blog is here:
Sue and her crew have been on the road since 2011. She travels in a 17ft Casita and had never towed a trailer before she picked the Casita up as she hit the road! I have found her informative, her writing style delightful and her photographs beautiful as well as inspirational.

The second person I found and follow is Micky. She is a retired nurse and also lives in a Casita. She travels with two golden retrievers and writes about their travels in her blog: As I did with RVSue, I went back and read Micky’s blog from the beginning. I found so much inspiration and spirit in her words. She writes about not only the pleasures of this lifestyle but also about the struggles, which I really appreciate.

The third person I want to highlight is Bob Wells. Bob has both a blog/forum: and a YouTube channel: Bob is a van dweller and is a guru to the van dwelling community. He has developed a very large online and in person community that is present to educate and support one another.

The forth person I wish to share with you today is Rusty. Rusty has a YouTube channel that can be found here: Rusty has lived in various RV’s over the last 20+ years. He has a home base in Texas and currently spends time traveling in his Toyota Prius. He post daily videos and I have found his humor and stories delightful.

Following these folks has helped me believe that my vision and dream are doable! I encourage you to check them out.

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  1. Hi Toni, I’m really happy to have been an inspiration to you, and now you can go on to be an inspiration to others. I’m very excited about the Casita you will soon be picking up!
    You are going to have FUN, but also it will be a huge learning experience. Enjoy. Looking forward to reading your blog!

    1. Micky, thanks so much for your support. I keep wondering if I have the “back up gene” or not! I remember backing up being a challenge when I used to pull horse trailers many, many years ago. I guess it won’t be long before I find out the answer to that question! I keep reminding myself to be kind to me as I’m sure there will be a steep learning curve on many aspects of these endeavors.

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