About Us

About Us


I am a single woman who is setting out to explore the United States as I move toward retirement. I will be accompanied by my two dogs, Buddy and Ginger. We will be traveling in a 17 ft fiberglass travel trailer. It is a 2017 Casita Spirit Deluxe and will be pulled by a 2013 Toyota 4Runner. My dream is to spend increasingly more time traveling as I get closer to retirement. We will start off taking long weekends and build the time as we progress. For this first year, I have changed my work schedule to have a four day weekend every other week. I’m sure there will be a learning curve and hope I am up to the challange!

Buddy is a lab mix and was adopted when he was about 4-5 months old. I think he may have some Great Dane in there! He is tall and lanky and likes to lean on me. He is a big, wonderfully happy boy who makes me smile whenever I am around him. He was adopted from a local shelter. One of the things I love the most about him is his gentleness with other dogs and with cats.

And this is Ginger…. I have owned dogs my entire life and I have never had a dog like Ginger. She came to me as a foster dog after living her first 9 years as a puppy mill mom. She was a breeder release to the rescue group I worked with. Ginger spend most of her life in a small wire cage and didn’t have positive human interaction. She came to me afraid of everything. Human touch was almost unbearable to her. She is still very easily frightened and has daily challenges. She was adopted, but came back to me and the decision was made for her to stay with me. She has been with me for about two years now – and has only been comfortable with belly rubs for the last six months! Surprisingly, she travels with me very well.

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