A Girl’s Weekend

A Girl’s Weekend

The long awaited camping weekend with my daughter, Lani, and granddaughter, Phoebe, finally arrived. We had planned to camp in Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri but with all the rain they had recently our reservation was cancelled due to the park being closed. So we chose to go to a campground at Milford Lake in Kansas. The was a Corp of Engineers campground called Curtis Creek. It was less than a three hour drive away.

There were some challenges at this campsite. It had electric hook-up but not water. Still being new to camping, I didn’t realize that we didn’t have water until I had backed up the Casita and had it all settled in to the spot. Backing up is still a challenge for me, so the thought of hooking it back up and taking it to the water spigot to fill up the tank was a little bit daunting. We chose, instead, to bring a large jug of water to the spigot and fill the tank that way. That was doable. We had plenty of water whenever we needed it.

Of course, once we had everything set up at the campsite we went exploring. I had chosen a campsite away from others and a short walking distance to the lake. But it was far enough away that I knew we wouldn’t have to worry about Phoebe. There were no other campers close to us, so we had a fairly large area all to ourselves. That is just how I like it.

Our first exploration was down to the lake. Phoebe was eager to throw rocks into the lake. And Buddy, as usual, wanted to go in and play in the water.

We also discovered a small wooded area and did some exploration there.

We took lots of walks….

This was the first time I had set up the clam.  It was easy to set up and it was  a hit with Phoebe. We called in The Fort!









We had campfires the two evening we were there. I am learning how to cook over the campfire. Lani gave me some great suggestions and guidance. Note in the picture below that Ginger is watching over the cooking to make sure that we got things just rights…….just in case we wanted to share with her!

There was a meadow nearby so we did some exploring there too.  Some of the wildflowers were blooming and there were Monarch butterflies flitting about.





Our weekend was quiet, relaxing and very much enjoyed.  I can’t wait to have more camping adventures with family along!




8 thoughts on “A Girl’s Weekend

  1. Toni, I just went back and read all your entries. Loved them all! I’ve always felt the same way when making afghans for family and Friends and loved your beautiful way of expressing that. Excited to share your travels and adventures.

  2. Phoebe had lots to say about her camping trip. She loved it! What a great experience for the three of you!

  3. Looks like a great place to relax. you said it was easy to put up the clam but how about taking it down and can you do this by yourself?

    1. It was easy. Even though I had Lani’s help this time I would be able to do it alone. I was a little worried as I couldn’t reach the center top but I was able to find an easy work around. I’ll probably use it the most when others are camping with me.

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